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Dr Chao Huang - Tencent WeChat Rhino-Bird Special Research Progr
Dr Chao Huang - Most Influential SIGIR Papers 4k 2

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Nurturing the Next Generation of Data Scientists

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The New IDS Premises Welcomes the Three Musketeers
- A Moment for Delight and Progress!

Research Focus

Fundamental data science

As a research-led University, HKU has a strong foundation in basic research, which is the cornerstone of applied research.

Explainable AI and Human-Machine Interplays

Explainable AI aims to address how the black box decisions of AI systems are made, helping us to understand the steps and models involved in making decisions.

Smart society

The growing use of sensors and connected devices is valuable to the development and improvement of various areas including healthcare, management, infrastructure, and the environment.

HKU IDS Young Talents

Big Data Oriented Programmes