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HKU IDS hosts our new batch of participants at the Summer Research Programme (SRP) 2024!

The 10-week intense research training programme organized by the HKU Graduate School has commenced!

HKU IDS proudly receives a total of 6 outstanding undergraduate students are working with our HKU IDS Scholars, who are experts in interdisciplinary research fields from across disciplines, on research projects focusing on cutting-edge technologies in data science. 

SRP Student Mentor(s)
Zi Zhu Prof. Yanchao Yang
Jiefeng Wu Prof. Yanchao Yang
Prof. Xihui Liu (Co-mentor)
Liulu Chen Dr. Yue Xie
Prof. Qingpeng Zhang (Co-mentor)
Haolun Wang Prof. Difan Zou
Prof. Yanchao Yang (Co-mentor)
Xusen Xiao Prof. Qingpeng Zhang
Lei Fang Prof. Yingyu Liang

On June 28, 2024, HKU IDS warmly welcomed our SRP participants in our orientation session with office tour, welcoming messages from HKU IDS mentors, fun games, and a tea reception.

The SRP2024 participants also put their hearts and souls into preparing for their final oral presentations, via the Project Plan Oral Presentations.

The SRP students hosted at HKU IDS joined the other participants at the grand Opening Ceremony upon their arrival at HKU.

The Transferrable Skills Retreat was another compulsory session during which SRP students acquired important skills alongside their academic journey, prompting them to become better researchers.