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Organized by Alibaba, and Supported by HKU IDS

AFAC2024 Competition is welcoming online registrations
from now until July 19, 2024!

Please pair up with your team of innovators to win attractive prices.

About AFAC2024

Centered on the themes of large-language-model technology and entrepreneurial innovation, the AFAC2024 focus on real industry challenges and provides vast amounts of genuine industry data, and it also offers over 1.3 million (CNY) prize pool. The competition comprises three categories -Challenge Group, Start-up Group, and Enterprise Group – forming an integrated contests of algorithm, creative application and business practice. The three groups target individuals with technical backgrounds from academic institutions and corporations, startup teams, and SMEs, encouraging contestants to delve into continuous exploration and breakthroughs in AI algorithms, tackling complex technological challenges.

Four Tracks in the AFAC2024 Challenge Group

  1. Track 1 – Financial Instrument Learning
  2. Track 2 – Question Answering Based on Insurance Terms
  3. Track 3 – AIAC Multimodal Financial Research Intelligent Generation
  4. Track 4 – Contradiction Identification And Vulnerability Discovery in Long Texts of Financial Rules

Organizing Committee


Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality

Academic Collaborator: 

Supporting Unit:

China Computer Federation (CCF) Digital Finance 

Member Institutions: 

AFAC2024 Seminar at HKU IDS

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