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Message from the Director

In the past two decades, our world has transitioned into a new age of big data and machine intelligence. As a result, many aspects of scientific research, engineering technology, and even social fabric have been fundamentally changed and advanced at an unprecedented pace. With the generous donation from the Musketeers Foundation, the establishment of the new Institute of Data Science (IDS) at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) demonstrates the ambition and commitment of the University’s leadership to seizing this historical opportunity to transform the fundamental research, technology, and education in this exciting new field.

At the turn of the new year of 2023, I am truly humble and honored to succeed Professor Max Shen as the new director of the Institute. With the strong support from the University and various Departments and Faculties which share the same vision with us in advancing data science research, our goal is to establish a top-notch research and educational platform that will attract and support world-class researchers and students in the areas of data science and machine intelligence. They will find the Institute a free and nurturing environment for conducting deep scientific research and developing impactful technologies that would benefit the society of Hong Kong and the world at large. It is gratifying to learn that the Institute has successfully recruited over ten scholars co-hosted with different departments under the HKU 100 Global Recruitment Campaign since its inception since January 2021, and we will spare no efforts in recruiting more research talents in our future expansion.

The HKU IDS will focus on three strongly related aspects, namely, (1) theoretical and computational foundation of data science and machine intelligence; (2) practical algorithms and systems that support computing and data analysis at all scales; and (3) application of data science methodology and technology to other niche areas such as engineering, medical science, physical science, and social science. In addition, by working with other institutes, industrial partners, and the government, HKU IDS would also like to promote broader social awareness of technologies associated with data science and machine intelligence, on issues such as data security, privacy, and fairness. I am confident that together we have a chance to make the new HKU IDS a top data science program in the world, by setting a new standard for both academic excellence and societal impact.

Please explore our website to see what opportunities and collaborations we can offer. I look forward to working closely with you!

Professor Yi MA
Director of the HKU IDS
Chair Professor of Computer Science
February 6, 2023