Artwork Exhibition cum Prize Presentation Ceremony of the “Data is the New Art Form” Competition 2022

Artwork Exhibition cum Prize Presentation Ceremony of
the "Data is the New Art Form" Competition 2022

Prize Presentation Ceremony (16 June 2022)

Organized by the HKU Musketeers Foundation Institute of Data Science, the grand prize presentation ceremony of the “Data is the New Art Form“ Art Competition 2022 was joined by all shortlisted participants on June 16, 2022, afternoon. The ceremony, held in Chi Wah Learning Commons, was not only the arena of award-winning artworks exhibition, but also the occasion where the ranking of the submissions was announced on the spot. Over 100 guests and Competition participants shared the moments of excitement and joy with us!
Young and talents new artists presented their novel interpretations of concepts such as data science, artificial intelligence, and smart society. What is more impressive is their aesthetic sense in expressing visions towards the future.
Let’s take a look at the event highlights of the ceremony now!

The ceremony’s officiating guest, Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research); Director of the HKU-IDS, Professor Max Shen, delivered his opening remarks. As Professor Shen stated, “The IDS has the mission to encourage the younger generations to contribute, in all possible forms, the betterment of the society, and this Art Competition shares that vision. The cross-discipline characteristic of our Institute is captured by many participants and artfully expressed in their artworks.”

Professor Shen further added that the combination of art and technology has generated artworks which are incredibly beautiful and creative, and he exclaimed in delight the expressiveness presented by all our New Data Artists.

Professor William Hayward, Dean of Social Sciences at HKU and also one of the judges to the Art Competition, was another officiating guest of the ceremony. He announced results to the winners of the Secondary School Group (Digital Graphics) and also the HKU Group.

Many friends and guests attended the event, including Principal Mr. Warren Chung from the Wah Yan College, Kowloon – their school was awarded the “Most Active Participation School Award” for having the most number of artwork submissions in the Competition. Mr. Chung received the award from our third officiating guest of the day, who was also a member of the judging panel of this Art Competition, Professor Ian Holliday, Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) at the University.

For the results of the Art Competition, please refer to the Competition website at

Snapshots of Art Exhibition at Chi Wah Learning Commons (10 – 21 June 2022)










除了金、銀、銅、及優異獎外,是次比賽還設有特別獎項——「『數據科學藝術館』特別大獎」。參加者可因應他們對《數據科學 <-> 未來》的想像,透過藝術作品表達出來,「港大組」及「中學組」參加者皆可競逐。





  • 金獎:港幣$1,500 + 證書
  • 銀獎:港幣$1,000 + 證書
  • 銅獎:港幣$500 + 證書
  • 優異獎(十名):港幣$300書券 + 證書


  • 金獎:港幣$1,500 + 證書
  • 銀獎:港幣$1,000 + 證書
  • 銅獎:港幣$500 + 證書
  • 優異獎(十名):港幣$300書券 + 證書

《數據科學 ↔ 未來》


獎項:港幣$2,500 + 證書






  • 港大副校長(科研)申作軍教授 Professor Max Shen
  • 港大副校長(教學)何立仁教授 Professor Ian Holliday
  • 港大社會科學學院院長 夏偉立教授 Professor William Hayward
  • 港大文學院哲學學系講座教授 Professor Herman Cappelen
  • 港大文學院藝術歷史學系副教授 韓若蘭博士 Dr Roslyn Lee Hammers


參賽者可從即日起至 2022 年 5 月 18 日下午 5 點,填妥網上登記表格並提交參賽作品。




Creativity Wanted:
“Data is the New Art Form” Art Competition 2022

Creativity Wanted:
“Data is the New Art Form” Art Competition 2022

We are now calling for submissions from students, staff members, and alumni of The University of Hong Kong to help us design the new premises of the Musketeers Foundation Institute of Data Science (IDS) at HKU, which is scheduled for completion in April 2022. As secondary students in Hong Kong are having an unprecedented, early summer holiday, we wish to engage our young talents to showcase how their creative minds can impact future social development!

About the Competition

Data is not limited to science – it also draws on aesthetics. To build greater awareness of data science and its impact on our lives, you are now invited to take part in our Art Competition.

Please share with us artworks representing the role of data science in everyday life. The winning submissions will be incorporated into the new IDS office at HKU:

  • Outstanding paintings will be posted on the Feature Wall clearly visible to visitors; and
  • Outstanding digital graphics will be displayed on our electronic platforms and as printouts in other parts of the office.

Please use your creativity to reflect on data science and life, and on how data science research will bring us a better future.

Result Announcement of the Art Competition

New Artist’s Name
Artwork Name
“Data is the New Art Form” Special Award
Wu Ping
Whales of Neural Networks (Digital Graphic)
Hui Yi Lan
數據 · 我們 (Digital Graphic)
Secondary School Group
Gold Prize
Lui Sze Ting (Carmel Pak U Secondary School)
Silver Prize
Fan Yan Yuet (Hong Kong True Light College)
Bronze Prize
Leung Tim Sze (TWGHs Wong Fung Ling College)
Bronze Prize
Ng Sum Yu (Heep Yunn School)
Hui Yik Lam (St. Stephen’s College)
Ng Cheuk Nam (St. Paul’s Convent School)
Living with Meteorology in a Data World
Cheung Hiu Sum (ECF Saint Too Canaan College)
Janet Li (St. Stephen’s College)
Night Changes
Luk Mei Tung, Katie (St. Clare’s Girls’ School)
A building in society
Hayden Jamie Li (Victoria Shanghai Academy)
Big Data in Urban City
Hayleigh Joy Li (West Island School)
Sustainable Artificial Intelligence
Lam Mei Ting Megan (St. Paul’s Convent School)
Mak Tsz Ching Abbie (Shung Tak Catholic English College)
Secondary School Group
Digital Graphic
Gold Prize
Hui Yi Lan (Pui Ching Middle School)
數據 · 我們
Silver Prize
Fu Pui Lam Bobo (Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School)
Bronze Prize
Cheung Ping Fu Alrik (La Salle College)
Cheung Ka Ying (Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School)
Ho Chi Lok James (St. Paul’s College)
Future From Before
Kwok Wei Lin William (Wah Yan College, Kowloon)
果欄 · 大數據
Wong Miles (Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College)
Aujin Kim (Hong Kong International School)
The Sea of Data
Yuen Yuet Yi (Marymount Secondary School)
Art of Data
Leung Wing Chi Yannis (St. Stephen’s College)
Data science in everyday life
Ng Cheuk Lam (St. Paul’s College)
Wong Chung Yan (Po Leung Kuk Lee Shing Pik College)
Law Chi Ian (TWGHs Sun Hoi Directors’ College)
HKU Group
Ng Ki Ka
New Universe
HKU Group
Digital Graphic
Gold Prize
Wu Ping
Whales of Neural Networks
Silver Prize
Chan Yi Ling
Bronze Prize
Kong Ka Yu
Dr. Earth
Fung Sharon
Built Upon Data
Chue Tsz Ning
Data achieves artistic life
Khakhar Siddharth
Making Visible the Invisible
Lam Chin Yui
Entwined Intelligence
Xue Frank
Science and Light
Chow Tak Shing
The formula of Fundamental Data Science
Liu Yao Jun
The sea of data
Wong Stephanie
Dreams of Numbers
Ng Ki Ka
Lam Wing Hei
Everlasting Intelligence


  • HKU Group: All HKU students, staff, and alumni.
  • Secondary School Group: All full-time Form 1 to Form 6 students in Hong Kong enrolled in the 2021-2022 school year. 


HKU Group:

Participants are free to pick any of the Institute’s core research themes.

  • Fundamental Data Science
  • Explainable AI
  • Smart Society

Secondary School Group:

Participants are invited to express how they perceive data science, and / or its relationship with everyday life.

Shortlisted participants from both Groups will also compete for the “’Data is the New Art Form’ Special Award”, focused on the theme of “Data Science < — > Future”.

Format & Style


(both abstract and figurative works are acceptable)

  1. For abstract works, a composition using line, form, shape, and colour is recommended;
  2. Can be in any form (such as oil, acrylic, drawing, printmaking, collage, etc.) except digital graphics and photographs;
  3. Dimensions:
    • option 1: 300mm x 300mm each item in a set of two or three with inter-related content or
    • option 2: not smaller than A3 (297mm x 420mm) and not bigger than 508mm x 762mm
  4. Weight: must not exceed 2 kg

Digital Graphics

  1. PNG or JPG file
  2. Resolution at least 300dpi
  3. Dimensions: not bigger than A3 (297mm x 420mm)
  4. File size: must not exceed 10MB

* Remarks:

Please attach a printout of the “Entry Confirmation Slip” to the back of the entry when submitting the original artwork.

Entry Submissions

  • Entries must be made online from now to 5 pm on 18 May, 2022. No late or incomplete entries will be accepted after the submission deadline.
  • Participants can only submit one entry for each format. Please use a single submission form per entry.
  • Artwork submissions should be in a digital or photographic format, with a file size of not less than 3 MB but not exceeding 10MB in JPEG format. The artwork should be photographed against a white background with the camera facing the artwork at a 90-degree angle. The set of two or three paintings should be displayed together and photographed. In addition to that, a separate file for each artwork should be submitted for a clear presentation to the judging panel.
  • Entries with fragile, sharp, or heavy materials, or with parts that are not securely fixed will NOT be accepted. Entries should NOT be framed.
  • Participants should not indicate their names on the painting or the digital graphics.
  • Submitted entries must be the original, must be owned by the participant, and should in no way violate others’ rights including but not limited to their intellectual property and privacy rights.
  • Shortlisted participants will be notified by email and telephone in late May 2022 and will be responsible for covering the costs of artwork packaging, insurance, and delivery to the IDS office for final judging.
  • All shortlisted participants will be provided with a “Declaration and Permission Slip” by IDS. Please attach the slip and a printed copy of your saved submission form to your original artwork(s) and submit the piece(s) by registered post or in person during the designated hours (Monday to Friday, 9 am–12 noon, 2 pm–5 pm), to the following address: Institute of Data Science, Room P307, Graduate House, No. 3 University Drive, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong. Please mark the envelope with “‘Data is the New Art Form’ competition 2022”, your name, and the group you belong to.

Judging Panel

A judging panel comprising senior management members from the University and academics from the Faculty of Arts will select the artworks for display from all entries. Group works are not eligible for any awards. The decision of the judging panel will be final.

  • Professor Max Shen, Director of IDS, Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  • Professor Ian Holliday, Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching & Learning)
  • Professor William Hayward, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, member of the Steering Committee of IDS
  • Professor Herman Cappelen, Chair Professor of Philosophy
  • Dr Roslyn Lee Hammers, Associate Professor, Department of Art History

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity and originality (25%)
  • Aesthetics (25%)
  • Manipulation of technique and media (20%)
  • Interpretation and clarity of the theme (30%)

Awards and Prizes

Submitted artworks will be selected from each of the groups. The following prizes will be awarded to winners of each genre:

For the HKU Group:


  • Gold prize: HK$2,500 and a certificate
  • Silver prize: HK$1,800 and a certificate
  • Bronze prize: HK$1,000 and a certificate
  • Merit (10 places): HK$500 book voucher and a certificate

Digital Graphics

  • Gold prize: HK$2,500 and a certificate
  • Silver prize: HK$1,800 and a certificate
  • Bronze prize: HK$1,000 and a certificate
  • Merit (10 places): HK$500 book voucher and a certificate

For the Secondary School Group:


  • Gold prize: HK$1,500 and a certificate
  • Silver prize: HK$1,000 and a certificate
  • Bronze prize: HK$500 and a certificate
  • Merit (10 places): HK$300 book voucher and a certificate

Digital Graphics

  • Gold prize: HK$1,500 and a certificate
  • Silver prize: HK$1,000 and a certificate
  • Bronze prize: HK$500 and a certificate
  • Merit (10 places): HK$300 book voucher and a certificate

All secondary school entrants will be awarded an e-certificate of participation after the Competition!

The “Most Actively Participating School” will also be awarded a certificate as recognition!

“Data is the New Art Form” Special Award
(data science <–> future)

2 outstanding entries will be selected from among all shortlisted entries
Prize: HK$2,500 and a certificate

Selection process:

  • The judges will select approximately 20-30 entries for each group, based on the quality of submission, for final judging. Gold prize, Sliver prize, Bronze prize, and Merit prizes, will then be picked from shortlisted entries.
  • A special award, “’Data is the New Art Form’ Special Award” for the theme (data science < — > future), will be selected from among all shortlisted entries for each format.

Important Dates

Call for submissions
1 March, 2022​
Submission deadline
18 May, 2022 ​
Announcement of the shortlisted artworks
27 May, 2022
Prize Presentation Ceremony
16 June, 2022

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Intellectual Property Rights: All participants need to ensure that their entries do not infringe any copyright and publication rights. Any entries that have infringed any intellectual property rights will NOT be accepted. IDS takes no liability whatsoever for such infringement. IDS retains the right to edit, modify, publish, and use all the entries in any form for exhibition and education purposes, and has the final decision on the above actions.
  2. Winners of the shortlisted artworks will agree to unconditionally transfer the ownership and copy right of the artworks to IDS.
  3. Loss or Damage of Entries: All entries submitted by participants will be handled with great care. However, IDS will not compensate for any loss or damage of any entries arising from any causes.
  4. Participants should not submit artworks that have been offered for sale, published, entered or awarded any prizes in previous contest(s)/ competition(s), or exhibited publicly in any form including online exhibitions.
  5. All winning artworks will be exhibited at the new IDS new office and website. IDS has the absolute discretion to decide the venues and the dates of exhibition.
  6. IDS reserves the right not to award any of the stipulated prizes should entries fail, in the judges’ opinion, to meeting the required standards.
  7. IDS reserves the right to change the guidelines and rules and regulations at any time without prior notice and the awards may be withdrawn of terminated by IDS at its discretion without prior notice. IDS accepts no liability for any such change, withdrawal, and termination.
  8. All personal information we collect from you will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for communication purposes should you be shortlisted as winners of this Competition. Data with personal identifiers will not be kept beyond 6 months after the Competition is over.

For enquiries, please contact IDS at

Dedication Ceremony:
Unveiling a World-class Data Science Hub in HKU

Dedication Ceremony: Unveiling a World-class Data Science Hub in HKU

On 5 January 2022, HKU held a dedication ceremony at the Rayson Huang Theatre to recognise the generous HK$150 million donation from The Musketeers Education and Culture Charitable Foundation (“the Foundation”) to establish the Musketeers Foundation Institute of Data Science (“HKU-IDS”). This new research institute at HKU is committed to becoming an engine for our future through science data and technology.

The event, held at the start of the year prior to the city’s fifth COVID-19 wave, received enthusiastic support from the donors, University senior management members, partners from government and industry, faculty members and students, alumni and friends.  The donors – Co-Founders of the Foundation, Mr Stanley Chu, Dr Lawrence Fung and Mr Leong Ka Chai – were joined on this important occasion by their families and friends to celebrate the Institute’s launch.

Professor Zhang Xiang, HKU’s President and Vice-Chancellor, gave encouraging welcoming remarks at the ceremony, expressing deep gratitude to the donors for their continuous support and shared visions towards research and creativity. Professor Max Shen, Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) who is the Institute’s Director, described how the Institute was formed under the counsel of an international advisory board and builds on the strong support from the University’s research talents in data science via the HKU-100 Global Recruitment Campaign. The Institute’s ambition, he explained, is to become a world-class data science hub at HKU to support cross-disciplinary collaborations in InnoTech development. 

Many distinguished guests attended the event, including Professor Jiang Jian Xiang, Director-General, Department of Educational, Scientific and Technological Affairs of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR, Mr Alfred Sit, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, and Ms Priscilla Wong, HKU’s new Council Chairman, all of whom were invited as Guests of Honour to officiate at the ceremony.

Mr Stephen Chu, one of the Co-Founders of The Musketeers Education and Culture Charitable Foundation, remarked in his speech at the Institute’s dedication ceremony,

“When the missions and visions of the HKU Institute of Data Science were shared with us [in 2021], we supported the idea wholeheartedly. With all the experts and collaborations across disciplines, we believe the Institute can solve many world problems. We are proud to be part of it.”

The goal of the Institute is to become a one-of-a-kind data science research centre devoted to attracting and nurturing the best talents from across the globe. To highlight the importance of the young generation for creating a more innovative and sustainable future, the Guests of Honour, each with a torch in hand, pointed to the screen at the request of the AI-generated voice saying, “Please raise your torch and point to the future…….” A five second countdown then led to a stunning climax of the event, during which beams of light sparked like fireworks in the venue, and virtual images of the Tech Landmark (home to the IDS) were projected on the screen.

The ceremony also served as a platform for the Institute to introduce the public to its three strategic research directions for the years to come: (1) Fundamental Data Science; (2) Explainable AI and Human-Machine Interplays; and (3) Smart Society. HKU’s team of outstanding data scientists and Institute members continues to welcome capable young talents to join to leverage the positive impact of cutting-edge research, knowledge and new ideas, amidst the current unprecedented challenges.

Looking ahead, the iconic Tech Landmark – which will be the ­headquarters of the HKU InnoTech initiative and home to the HKU-IDS – is planned to be completed by 2024.

Town Hall Meeting : Call for Great Ideas

Town Hall Meeting : Call for Great Ideas

We organized a townhall meeting on October 12, 2021 (an eventful day as the typhoon no 8 signal was hoisted!). This event was important for the Institute as it was the first official meeting where Professor Max Shen, Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), engaged the ten HKU Faculties to register their interest in data science research and share with each other the strengths and specialties in particular areas.  A total of 60 invited researchers from the ten Faculties attended. The purpose was to gauge interest in and potential for research development in data science, and to then decide the themes in which the Institute will inject resources to grow platforms of capabilities and cross-disciplinary synergies.  We received enthusiastic responses from Deans or representatives of Faculties sharing impressive research themes in data science from a few chosen projects.   The meeting, which consisted of parallel break-out sessions among different groups and a wrap-up plenary session, has pathed the way for identifying the current three research focus areas that the Institute has pledged to develop in the coming years.  The event provided a good opportunity for the new IDS hires to introduce themselves to HKU’s more established researchers, and also raised the visibility of the Institute in the University community.