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HKU-IDS Scholar Dr Wenjie Huang received the 2022 NSFC Young Scientists Fund! 黃文傑博士於2022年度中國國家自然科學基金「青年科學基金項目」中獲獎!

HKU-IDS scholar, Dr Wenjie Huang, Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, has been awarded the 2022 Young Scientists Fund under the National Natural Science Foundation for his project “Risk-aware accelerated and variance-reduced reinforcement learning with application in portfolio optimization”. This year, HKU has a total of 16 awardees to this fund, covering a number of STEM-related disciplines.  For more information about Dr Huang, please browse:

NSFC Young Scientists Fund (YSF) renders support to young academics and encourages them to focus on self-chosen area for basic research. It is the first time for the YSF to accept direct applications from academics affiliated with institutions in Hong Kong and Macau. Let’s extend our greatest congratulations to Dr Huang for his achievement!

HKU-IDS Scholar、工業及製造系統工程學系研究助理教授黃文傑博士於2022年度中國國家自然科學基金「青年科學基金項目」中獲獎!是次獲獎項目,名為「加速和方差缩减的风险控制强化学习算法与投资组合优化的应用」。本年度港大共有16位年輕科學家獲選,涵蓋多個理工科技學系。有關黃博士的個人簡歷,請瀏覽以下網站: