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HKU IDS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Scheme 2023-24

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The Musketeers Foundation Institute of Data Science aims to foster multi-disciplinary research and cutting-edge areas in data science.

The Institute believes that the future holds in the hands of the next generation researchers and talents, and it is our mission to nurture and support them to become excellent data scientists and researchers who would work under the supervision and mentorship of our HKU IDS scholars and our HKU IDS members from other departments to deliver high-impact research outcome.

We are launching the HKU IDS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Scheme 2023-24 (“the Scheme”). Successful awardees will have the chance to work with our HKU IDS community in a conducive research environment. Moreover, awardees will also be given a fruitful training opportunity to develop their career in the academia through the Scheme.


For Applicants

  1. Applicant must hold or receive a Ph.D. degree in their discipline from a recognized university no more than three (calendar) years before the year of application (regardless of the date of the degree conferment) or are expected to obtain the Ph.D. degree within six months of the application deadline. Documentary evidence from the Registry of his/her university confirming the attainment of the Ph.D. or equivalent qualifications may be required;
  2. Successful applicants must obtain a legal right to work and reside in Hong Kong during the fellowship period;
  3. Visa and work authorization will be made possible for successful applicants through a process which would be managed by Human Resources Section of the University of Hong Kong.

For Supervisors

  1. The potential supervisors (Principal Investigators) of the applicants should be an HKU IDS scholar, who is required to be pairing up either with another HKU IDS scholar, or an HKU IDS member as Co-Principal Investigator;
  2. Each HKU IDS scholar will only be awarded one postdoctoral research fellow per year; and
  3. PIs and Co-PIs are welcome to contribute up to 50% of the package for matching the HKU IDS’ funding.

Academic discipline

The Institute focuses on several research domains of Big Data and Intelligence, particularly in the areas of:

  • Mathematical and computational foundation of data science and explainable AI.
  • Application of data science and machine intelligence, including but not limited to engineering, science, social science, and education.

Priority will be given to applicants:

  1. with extraordinary research performance;
  2. whose research area is in line with the research focus of the Institute.

Application cycle and deadline

Twice a year, and the first round of application should be submitted on or before September 30, 2023.


2 years

Terms & Benefits

  1. Annual salary of up to HK$514,800 (~US$66,000)
  2. Up to $15,000 per year research-related and program travel allowances;
  3. Annual leave, medical benefits, and access to a range of campus facilities;
  4. MPF contribution;
  5. Faculty/Department may provide additional funding, as they deem appropriate, to support a research proposal.

The final salary may vary depending on a general pay adjustment and applicants’ experience.

Application Procedures

Please be advised to contact a preferred HKU IDS scholar to garner his/her interest in collaborating with you before making your application.

Applicants should then apply online by completing an electronic application form and append the following documents in PDF format to your form:

  1. A thesis abstract (up to 1 A4 page);
  2. A research proposal (up to five A4 pages) for the proposed duration of the Fellowship, which may be six months to one year, and any supporting documents;
  3. A brief Curriculum Vitae (up to five A4 pages);
  4. Personal Statement (up to one A4 page) 

Please note:

  • After the applicant has filled in the required fields in the application form, please note that the HKU IDS office will check to ensure that all necessary information has been completed, before passing the rest of the form to the respective PI for completion. 
  • PIs of the applicants will be required to complete the application forms on behalf of the Co-PIs. PIs are recommended to liaise with the Co-PIs in advance for facilitating the application processes. 

Assessment Criteria

Candidates will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  1. record of academic excellence;
  2. research ability and track record to date;
  3. leadership experience;
  4. quality of research proposal; and
  5. research track record of the PI

Selection Panel and Process

A selection panel comprising HKU IDS Director and management members shall assess the applications and recommendations from HKU IDS scholars.

Shortlisted applicants will be requested to arrange for three references, including one from their Ph.D. supervisor/advisor.

Administrative Arrangements

The regulations of the Scheme may be subject to review annually. 

For an appointment that is terminated due to unsatisfactory performance of the Postdoctoral Fellow, early departure of the Postdoctoral Fellow/PI or other reasons, no replacement of the Postdoctoral Fellow/PI should be made, the project concerned should be closed with the funding balance clawed back to the HKU IDS as appropriate.

Extension of the appointment of a Postdoctoral Fellow will be subject to the approval of the HKU IDS.


Awarded Postdoctoral Fellows under the Scheme are required to submit a report within one month upon the completion of the Fellowship. The report should include details of the research progress and deliverables achieved. Awardees who fail to submit the report may be debarred from applying for any research grants/ research positions supported by the HKU IDS in the future.

All enquiries can be directed to the HKU IDS by email: