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Dr YASUHARA, Moriaki

Associate Professor
School of Biological Sciences
Swire Institute of Marine Science
The University of Hong Kong  (852) 2299 0317
 Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building, HKU

About Me

Dr. Moriaki Yasuhara is an associate professor of environmental science in the Area of Ecology and Biodiversity, the School of Biological Sciences, and the Swire Institute of Marine Science at the University of Hong Kong. He has broad interests in integrating organismal biology (ecology and evolutionary biology), paleontology, and paleoceanography/paleoclimatology, especially by using highly resolved micropalaeontological records. His recent research has focused on the spatio-temporal dynamics of large-scale biodiversity patterns, the impact of climate on species diversity, and the controlling factor(s) of biodiversity pattern/change in deep-sea, shallow-marine and pelagic ecosystems. He is also interested in microfossil-based conservation palaeobiology and palaeontology of the Ostracoda in general. He has recently been trying to develop deep-learning-based automation to facilitate the research process and data acquisition on biodiversity and climatic issues broadly.

Research Interests
Time machine biology; Deep-learning-based automatic imaging, measurement, and identification; Digital microscopy; Climatic change; Biodiversity; Micropaleontology