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HKU IDS e-Newsletter - Volume 2, Issue 1 (May 2024)

Interview on students on course feedback

The Future of Data Science – Feature Story about Teaching & Learning at HKU IDS:
Listen to how students enrolling in our graduate courses feel!

Our HKU IDS students are motivated to become better researchers and supervisors after taking the graduate courses last semester.

Listen to how our Year 1 PhD students, Mr Yunchao ZHANG and Mr Anupam PANI, feel about DATA8003 “Theoretical Foundation of Deep Learning“, by Professor Difan ZOU, and DATA8010 ” Embodied AI: Perception, Representation and Action“, by Professor Yanchao YANG.

We welcome both HKU IDS and non-HKU IDS students to enrol in our research postgraduate programme.

Let’s check out how the two non-IDS students, Mr Mengjin ZHANG from School of Biological Sciences, and Mr Likai PENG from Education, found a pleasant and rewarding experience in our highly collaborative research environment by taking part in DATA8002 “Statistical Inference and Machine Learning for Network Data” by Professor Alec KIRKLEY and DATA8005 “Advanced Natural Language Processing” by Professor Tao YU.