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Dr WU, Peng

Assistant Professor
Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
School of Public Health
LKS Faculty of Medicine
The University of Hong Kong  (852) 3917 6746
 Room 102, 1/F, Patrick Manson Building (North Wing), 7 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam

About Me

Dr. Peng Wu was originally trained in clinical medicine in China and later graduated with a PhD from the School of Public Health of the University of Hong Kong. She is responsible for an introductory module in infectious diseases in the MPH curriculum. Dr Wu’s primary research area is infectious disease epidemiology. She has a growing interest in the epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance, as well as a continued interest in influenza (seasonal and avian influenza), RSV, hand, foot and mouth disease and other emerging respiratory infections. Her research involves investigation of the burden and transmission dynamics of infectious diseases, and using knowledge of underlying mechanisms to optimize the use of control measures.

Research Interests
Research interests in infectious disease epidemiology; Estimating the burden and transmission dynamics of infectious diseases; Assessing the effect of control measures in response to disease outbreaks or epidemics; Optimising the implementation of interventions to reduce the impact of infectious diseases; Recent projects on COVID-19, antimicrobial resistance and bacterial infections, influenza (both human and avian), respiratory syncytial virus, hand, foot and mouth disease, and other emerging infections