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The New IDS Premises Welcomes the Three Musketeers - A Moment for Delight and Progress!

Official Launch of the IDS Office (30 September 2022)

The new office premises of the HKU Musketeers Foundation Institute of Data Science at Graduate House, received its first batch of guests – our benefactors from the Musketeers Education and Culture Charitable Foundation, Mr Stanley Chu, Dr Lawrence Fung, and Mr Leong Ka-chai, on September 30, 2022.

Furnished with a modern taste for a research space and equipped with a wealth of advanced audio-visual facilities, the three Musketeers toured in delight at the newly renovated IDS office, with the company of Professor Max Shen, Director of the IDS, Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), IDS scholars and Steering Committee members. The eventful day was kick-started with Professor Shen’s sharing of the accomplishment of the Institute since its dedication ceremony on January 5, 2021. With the support of the University management and stakeholders, IDS has gone far and continued to grow stronger and bigger. Young researchers recruited under the Data Science Cluster in the HKU-100 Recruitment Campaign, who were also present that day, impressed the three Musketeers with their aspirations of building a world-class data science research profile for IDS at the meeting that day.

Virtual Tour at the IDS Office Now!

Dr Lawrence Fung (right), Professor Max Shen, Director of the IDS (second to the right), Mr Leong Ka-chai and Mr Stanley Chu (second and third to the left), and Professor Reynold Cheng, Associate Director of the IDS (left), officiated the launch of the IDS premises in a delightful manner.

As Professor Shen has stated, the IDS positions itself to be a place for “facilitating cross-disciplinary research” which can then help make HKU one of the most diverse and outstanding hubs for having different people collaborate together. It echoes the well wishes Dr Lawrence Fung has expressed to us at the event, that the three Musketeers “always hope HKU to be the best, and IDS to be the best” as a research institute. The meeting concluded with the three Musketeers leaving us a food for thought, to which the work of IDS shall gear, that artificial intelligence, being as indispensable as it is in aiding decision-making, will not only become “Explainable AI”, but also “Applicable AI” to the greater crowds.